Sarah Bracke is Professor of Sociology of Gender and Sexuality at the University of Amsterdam and the director of the Amsterdam Research Centre for Gender and Sexuality, ARC-GS.Before joining the Sociology Department at the UvA in 2017, she worked as a senior researcher at the Center of Expertise on Gender, Diversity, and Intersectionality (RHEA) at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels and as Associate Research Professor of Sociology at Ghent University.
Bracke’s main fields of research include gender, religion (Islam and Christianity), the secular and secular governmentality, and multiculturalism in Europe, with a focus on questions of subjectivity and agency. She has also investigated neoliberal forms of subjectification (such as the ethos of ‘resilience’) as well as the current anti-gender ideology movements against gender as an analytical category. She has produced the documentary Pink Camouflage (2009) on the use of the rhetoric of LGBT rights within current civilizational geo-politics. She is an executive editor of Ethnography and the on-line journal Religion and Gender. 

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