Gerwin van Schie is a PhD candidate at Utrecht University with the NWO-funded project “Datafication of Race and Ethnicity in the Netherlands: Investigating Practices, Politics and Appropriation of Governmental Open Data”. His research focusses on the way Dutch immigrant populations are ‘datafied’ by various societal institutions. Dutch governmental classifications are based on immigrants’ former nationality and that of their parents and relate to the (colonial) history of their country of birth.

The analysis starts with an investigation of the datafication of racial and ethnic information and its distribution by Statistics Netherlands (CBS). Next, race and ethnicity based data-driven practices will be mapped in three domains: local government, the police and commercial information systems. This research will be carried out in the form of discursive analyses of (1) the categorization system of CBS, (2) the data distribution system of CBS and its interface, and (3) the applications in which CBS data is appropriated for a new purpose. Gerwin critically investigates bias and injustice caused by the data, system, and practices of applications based on CBS statistics by employing a critical data studies approach with a postcolonial perspective.

Previously, Gerwin obtained his BA in Theater, Film and Television Studies and MA in New Media and Digital Culture (Cum Laude) at Utrecht University after which he worked as a junior researcher at the Utrecht Data School on data ethics and critical data studies.