Utrecht University and European University Institute


A former graduate of the RMA Gender and Ethnicity, Milica Trakilović now teaches in the Graduate Gender Programme and holds the position of Research Assistant in the ERC project Bodies Across Borders: Oral and Visual Memory in Europe and Beyond (BABE) at the European University Institute in Florence.

By putting forward Maria Todorova’s concept of “Balkanism,” her PhD thesis considers how the space of the former Yugoslavia finds itself at the nexus of various, ultimately productive, intersections, such as postcolonial/postsocialist, East/West, European/non–European (always sliding between the pare parameters of ‘inside’ and ‘outside’), and is thereby involved in a reconfiguration of Europe’s political landscape.  Through an interdisciplinary approach comprised of a.o. memory-, gender- and postcolonial studies, the thesis offers up a consideration of art from the ex–Yugoslav region as a key site of resistance to a binary logic that serves to keep Europe’s ideological divide in place.