Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.

RozemarijnRozemarijn is working on the project SPICE ‘Scientific Personae in Cultural Encounters’. This is an international project with professors, postdocs and PhD’s from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Sweden. The research is about scientists who travelled abroad for the purpose of science who produced ego-documents in the process such as travel reports, journals and letters. As the aim of the project is to research the construction of scientific personae through scientific travel and international exchange, these documents are essential. By analyzing such ego-documents, insight can be gained into what constitutes a scientific persona and also how this changes through time and space. Organizations such as the International Federation of University Women and the Rockefeller Institute also play an important role in this research, as they provided scientists with the means to travel abroad. Therefore, there is a  clear institutional aspect in persona construction. Rozemarijn will be doing several case-studies in order to analyze the concept of scientific persona on a more personal and individual level.