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LNVH studies practices concerning Scientific Harassment. Will you share your experiences?

See here for the Dutch version: LNVH onderzoekt: praktijken rondom Scientific Harassment. Deelt u uw ervaringen? For years, the Dutch Network of Women Professors (LNVH) has been hearing about the deliberate obstruction of scientists’ careers. This includes: stealing data, unjustified authorships, subordinating people in assigning management and research tasks, intentional discrediting or making others [...]

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PhD Thesis Defense Gisela Carrasco Miró ‘Epistemologies at a Crossroads. Decolonising Knowledges on Politics of Development, Economics, and Feminism’

On October 12, 2018, Gisela Carrasco Miró defends her dissertation 'Epistemologies at a Crossroads. Decolonising Knowledges on Politics of Development, Economics, and Feminism'. Postcolonial theory offers profound critiques of cultural hegemony and domination. Yet, postcolonial approaches have been criticized for marginalizing economic dimensions in their analysis, as witnessed from their relative lack [...]

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