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Dr. Kathrin Thiele

Utrecht University   Kathrin Thiele is Associate Professor of Gender Studies and Critical Theory in the Department of Media and Culture Studies at Utrecht University. Trained trans-disciplinarily in Gender Studies, Sociology, Literary Studies and Critical Theory, her research focuses on questions of ethics and politics from queer feminist, decolonial and posthuman(ist) [...]

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Dr. Marie-Louise Janssen

University of Amsterdam   Dr. Marie-Louise Janssen lectures in the areas of gender and sexuality studies, migration and human trafficking and ethnographic research methods and techniques at the department of Cultural Anthropology of the University of Amsterdam. She got her master degree in Cultural Anthropology in 1991. In 2007 she completed [...]

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Dr. Louis van den Hengel

Maastricht University   Dr. Louis van den Hengel is Assistant Professor at the Department of Literature and Art and the Centre for Gender and Diversity at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. He holds an MA in classics and Mediterranean archaeology (cum laude), and specialized in contemporary gender and diversity studies, [...]

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Dr. Eliza Steinbock

Leiden University   Dr. Eliza Steinbock is Assistant Professor of Film and Literary Studies at the Department of Film and Literary Studies at Leiden University. She works as a cultural analyst with expertise in (trans)gender studies, sexuality, film and visual arts, critical theories of embodiment, and continental philosophy. Her research is [...]

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Prof. Dr. Geertje Mak

Radboud University Nijmegen / University of Amsterdam   Geertje Mak has been assistant professor of Gender History at Radboud University since 2005. Prior to this, she worked as, among other things, a postdoctoral researcher at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, published a book on the history of migrants in the Netherlands (Sporen [...]

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