The Individual Coaching option is especially designed to accommodate foreign (post)graduate students in need of specialised gender research. The decision to opt for joint coaching by both their home and Dutch supervisors is an additional possibility to be decided upon by individual faculty members of NOG.

• Supervision may vary from a few meetings within a short timespan (from one up to three months) to a longer term arrangement extending over a number of years.

• Candidates taking this option are welcome to additionally attend a maximum of three courses of their choice from the One-Year programme (course fee should be paid).

• Ample opportunities to contact other (post)graduate students.

Prerequisite: A Master’s degree in gender or gender-related areas. The Centre for International Recognition and Certification of the NUFFIC (Netherlands Organisation for International Cooperation in Higher Education) in The Hague sets the standard for the procedures for the recognition of foreign qualifications. The NOG Board will make a profound evaluation about the global value of your foreign higher education.
In order to successfully participate in this programme, you must be proficient in English. If your first language is not English, you must certify proficiency in English when you apply (see the application form for more information).

Tuition fee for this option: €1000 entrance fee plus the fees of the Coaching Sessions. Fee per one-hour session is €50. Fees are exclusive of room, board and insurance.

A certificate is issued upon request. Please note that this option doesn’t officially constitute a MA or PhD Degree.

Deadline: at least 4 months prior to the first session. Here you can find the application form.