Gender Studies Now

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Gender Studies Now
This course invites faculty from the Netherlands Research School of Genderstudies (NOG) to present current research and have interactive workshops with the students. The 3 sessions will be day-long workshops that follow thematic streams such as e.g. ‘sexualities today’, ‘homonationalism’, ‘posthumanist interventions’, ‘transitional justice’, ‘the affective turn’, or ‘beyond the gender binary’. The course works always in close cooperation with all partner programs present in NOG in order to connect the work and research done in Gender Studies in the Netherlands. The workshops will be prepared by readings related to the session’s topic. Previous teachers: Dr. Liesbeth Minnaard (Leiden University), Dr. Layal Ftouni (Utrecht University), Dr. Maria Boletsi (Leiden University), Dr. Marie-Louise Janssen (UvA), Dr. Niels Spierings (Radboud University Nijmegen), Dr. Louis van den Hengel (Maastricht University) and Dr. Magda Gorska (Utrecht University).

  • Dates: to be decided
  • Location: NOG – Utrecht University
  • Credits: 5 ECTS (credits will only be awarded after an accepted written paper. Students not requiring any credits will receive a certificate of attendance)
  • Details: open to NOG PhD candidates and NOG RMA students, as well as to PhD candidates and Research Master students enrolled in LOGOS Research Schools.
  • Registration: October 15, 2018 at