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Mina Hunt Burnside

Mina Hunt Burnside is an external PhD candidate at ICON, Utrecht University. Her research primarily deals with issues of gender registration from a trans theoretical standpoint. She is interested in how the state utilizes certain transgender narratives to forward its agenda and how these mobilizations often ignore trans subjectivity which is [...]

Mina Hunt Burnside2022-01-19T14:26:41+01:00

Lou Mousset

Lou Mousset is a PhD candidate in the Department of Sociology at the University of Amsterdam. Her PhD project is part of the larger NWO-VICI project EnGendering Europe’s Muslim Question. The working title of her research is Politics of decline; gender, race and the death of France and attempts to further theorize [...]

Lou Mousset2021-02-18T14:45:09+01:00

Guanqin He

Guanqin He, is a PhD candidate in Gender and Postcolonial Studies at the Graduate Gender Programme, Department of Media and Culture, Utrecht University. Guanqin has received funding from CSC (China Scholarship Council) to conduct her research for the project ‘ Digital Crossroads in China: Chinese Women Negotiating Migration, Urbanisation, and Digitisation’. [...]

Guanqin He2020-12-17T14:13:32+01:00

Lindsay Grace Weber

Lindsay Grace Weber is a PhD researcher at the Institute for Cultural Inquiry (ICON), Utrecht University. Her research interests include materialist feminism & feminist (new) materialism, queer & trans Marxisms, and posthumanist knowledge production in Europe & North America academia. Lindsay’s current project uses feminist standpoint theories and epistemologies to explore [...]

Lindsay Grace Weber2020-12-17T11:56:26+01:00

Sherilyn Deen

Sherilyn Deen is a PhD candidate in the Department of Sociology at the University of Amsterdam. Her PhD project is part of the larger NWO-VICI project EnGendering Europe’s Muslim Question. In her own project, Sherilyn focuses on analyzing statistical knowledge production on ‘mixed’ marriages and relationships (gemengde huwelijken en relaties) in [...]

Sherilyn Deen2020-11-12T12:34:42+01:00

Vasiliki Belia

Vasiliki Belia is a PhD candidate at the Department of Literature and Art, Maastricht University. In her research, Vasiliki studies contemporary graphic narratives that engage with the history of feminism and negotiate its meaning in the present. On the one hand, she inquires into the affordances of the genre of graphic [...]

Vasiliki Belia2020-11-13T16:22:40+01:00

Berna Toprak

Berna Toprak is a PhD candidate in Political Sociology at the University of Amsterdam. Her interests lie at the intersection of gender & sexuality studies, critical race studies, critical Muslim Studies and psychoanalysis. Her current project investigates the configuration of the ‘Muslim Question’ through discourses of gendered violence, with a special [...]

Berna Toprak2021-01-21T20:17:26+01:00

Nik Linders

Nik Linders is a PhD candidate at Radboud Social and Cultural Research for Gender & Diversity Studies. He has studied political theory and his master thesis focused on the role of the replacement conspiracy theory in Dutch right wing politics. For his current research, Nik is supervised by prof. dr. Marieke [...]

Nik Linders2020-10-30T10:41:44+01:00

Nisrine Chaer

Nisrine Chaer is a researcher whose interests lie at the intersection of queer and gender studies, Middle East studies, cultural studies, migration, and anthropology. She is currently a PhD candidate at Utrecht University working on an ethnographic project that investigates geographies of home and belonging with a focus on Middle East [...]

Nisrine Chaer2020-05-08T21:29:31+02:00

Noah Littel

Noah Littel is a PhD candidate at Maastricht University Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Noah's research focuses on the history of LGBT+ archives in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and West-Germany. Based on archival research and oral history interviews, they study the pre-history and emergence of these archives, and follow [...]

Noah Littel2021-09-15T16:08:17+02:00

Zheng Ying

My name is Zheng Ying. I am a Ph.D. researcher at the Gender Studies program of Utrecht University. My project is 'Performing History: Historical Costume, Gender and Popular Culture in Contemporary China'. It is a project funded by the Chinese Scholarship Council and is supervised by prof. dr. Berteke Waaldijk. My [...]

Zheng Ying2020-04-21T11:29:54+02:00

Rosa Wevers

Rosa Wevers is a PhD candidate in Gender Studies at Utrecht University. She has received funding from NWO to conduct research for the project ‘Facing Surveillance: Artistic Strategies in Times of Control’, for which she analyses exhibitions of ‘surveillance art’ in Western Europe. She investigates how contemporary artists are creating tangible [...]

Rosa Wevers2021-06-28T15:27:42+02:00
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