PhD Students

Weronika Zielinska-Klein

Weronika Zielińska-Klein is a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Humanities Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture (AHM). Trained as an artist (BA, Willem de Kooning Academy, RUAS) and researcher (MAR, University of Amsterdam), she has been running Upominki, a project space in her family home [...]

Weronika Zielinska-Klein2024-04-08T12:51:13+02:00

Lisa Burghardt

Lisa Burghardt is a PhD candidate in the Department of Media and Culture Studies at Utrecht University and part of the NWO funded project Virtual Reality as Empathy Machine:  Media, Migration and the Humanitarian Predicament. Within the project, she conducts research on how we can assess the experience of audiences being immersed in VR [...]

Lisa Burghardt2024-02-02T15:09:46+01:00

Laurence Herfs

Laurence Herfs is a PhD candidate in the Department of Media and Culture Studies and part of the NWO funded project Virtual Reality as Empathy Machine:  Media, Migration and the Humanitarian Predicament. She conducts research into the representation of refugees, migrants and the suffering Other within immersive and VR media technologies. For [...]

Laurence Herfs2024-01-29T13:29:50+01:00

Maria Auxiliadora (Auxi) Castillo Soto

María Auxiliadora (Auxi) Castillo Soto is a PhD candidate in the Department of Media and Culture Studies at Utrecht University, more specifically in Literary and Gender Studies; and she is part of the EUTERPE Project: European Literatures and Gender from a Transnational Perspective. For this project, she analyzes how European belonging and [...]

Maria Auxiliadora (Auxi) Castillo Soto2024-01-25T14:49:18+01:00

Fleur Renkema

Fleur Renkema is a PhD candidate at the department of Media and Culture at Utrecht University. Her project aims to write a cultural history of the gay and lesbian left in the Netherlands in the period of 1970-1990. Her research mainly focuses on the ideologies and cultural practices of leftist gay [...]

Fleur Renkema2024-01-25T14:49:49+01:00

Charlie Loopuijt

Charlie Loopuijt (he/they), a PhD candidate at Radboud University’s Department of Language and Communication, explores trans linguistics and queer health with the research titled, Linguistic Desire Paths: Exploring Strategies of Transgender and Non-Binary Identity Expression through Language Play and Negotiation. Exploring how transgender and non-binary folks forge new linguistic avenues to [...]

Charlie Loopuijt2024-01-25T14:37:04+01:00

Camila Andrea Malig Jedlicki

Camila Andrea Malig Jedlicki is a PhD candidate at the Institute for Cultural Inquiry of Utrecht University. Her research investigates how colonial legacies are negotiated by different actors in their pursuit of social justice in European art museums and the influence their involvement has on contesting colonial legacies. It focuses on [...]

Camila Andrea Malig Jedlicki2023-12-18T16:13:26+01:00

Francois Jonker

Francois Jonker is a PhD candidate at the University of the Western Cape in South Africa, completing a joined PhD between UWC and Utrecht University. His research seeks to explore the generative potential of response-able arts-based practices within Higher Education by positioning itself in relation to critical pedagogies, feminist new materialism, [...]

Francois Jonker2023-02-06T13:30:25+01:00

Marta Olivi

Marta Olivi is a joint PhD candidate at Utrecht University and University of Bologna. She holds a Master’s Degree (cum laude) in Modern, Comparative and Postcolonial Literatures from the University of Bologna. Her research interests cover contemporary English literature, feminist dystopias, posthumanism and New materialism, and her research project consists in [...]

Marta Olivi2023-02-06T13:23:19+01:00

Boma Ivy Alasia

My research examines the ontological foundations of female spirituality and leadership in pre-colonial Kalabari-Ijaw society (in Southern Nigeria), with the aim of exploring the ancient wisdom behind these spiritual practices, and how the philosophical aspects of this spirituality may be adopted in solving modern-day societal challenges specifically, women empowerment and environmental [...]

Boma Ivy Alasia2022-10-11T10:33:28+02:00

Elisa Melo Franco Santos

Elisa M F Santos is a PhD candidate at Utrecht University, and the University of Bologna. Her research uses an interdisciplinary methodology that draws from queer theories, graphic design, literature and childhood studies to investigate roles that children’s literature can assume in historical, political and social processes, as well as in [...]

Elisa Melo Franco Santos2022-06-14T15:23:02+02:00
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