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Francois Jonker

Francois Jonker is a PhD candidate at the University of the Western Cape in South Africa, completing a joined PhD between UWC and Utrecht University. His research seeks to explore the generative potential of response-able arts-based practices within Higher Education by positioning itself in relation to critical pedagogies, feminist new materialism, [...]

Francois Jonker2023-02-06T13:30:25+01:00

Marta Olivi

Marta Olivi is a joint PhD candidate at Utrecht University and University of Bologna. She holds a Master’s Degree (cum laude) in Modern, Comparative and Postcolonial Literatures from the University of Bologna. Her research interests cover contemporary English literature, feminist dystopias, posthumanism and New materialism, and her research project consists in [...]

Marta Olivi2023-02-06T13:23:19+01:00

Boma Ivy Alasia

My research examines the ontological foundations of female spirituality and leadership in pre-colonial Kalabari-Ijaw society (in Southern Nigeria), with the aim of exploring the ancient wisdom behind these spiritual practices, and how the philosophical aspects of this spirituality may be adopted in solving modern-day societal challenges specifically, women empowerment and environmental [...]

Boma Ivy Alasia2022-10-11T10:33:28+02:00

Elisa Melo Franco Santos

Elisa M F Santos is a PhD candidate at Utrecht University, and the University of Bologna. Her research uses an interdisciplinary methodology that draws from queer theories, graphic design, literature and childhood studies to investigate roles that children’s literature can assume in historical, political and social processes, as well as in [...]

Elisa Melo Franco Santos2022-06-14T15:23:02+02:00

Gohar Rahimi

Gohar Parissa Rahimi is a Joint PhD Candidate at the University of Utrecht (Department of Media and Culture Studies) and the University of Bologna (Department of Modern Literature, Languages and Cultures), curriculum EDGES (European PhD in Women’s and Gender Studies). Her research interest is focused on contemporary articulations of feminisms. Her [...]

Gohar Rahimi2022-05-03T15:40:58+02:00

Erin Russell

Erin Russell is an external PhD candidate at ASCA, University of Amsterdam. While Hilda Doolittle's (hereafter H.D.)  feminist and queer themes constitute terrain that has been well examined, this project called “Fissured” body/minds: Disability theory and a discourse of deformity in H.D, will engage the criticism done thus far by “cripping [...]

Erin Russell2022-03-10T13:01:29+01:00

Sarah Trottier

Sarah Trottier is an external PhD researcher in Gender Studies and Critical Theory at the Institute for Cultural Inquiry, Utrecht University. Sarah’s research investigates how playfulness and ‘game-logic’ in digital cultural phenomena and online social media trends can operate as technologies of control and contribute to the proliferation of dehumanizing alt-right [...]

Sarah Trottier2022-02-15T11:29:23+01:00

Mina Hunt Burnside

Mina Hunt Burnside is an external PhD candidate at ICON, Utrecht University. Her research primarily deals with issues of gender registration from a trans theoretical standpoint. She is interested in how the state utilizes certain transgender narratives to forward its agenda and how these mobilizations often ignore trans subjectivity which is [...]

Mina Hunt Burnside2022-01-19T14:26:41+01:00

Lou Mousset

Lou Mousset is a PhD candidate in the Department of Sociology at the University of Amsterdam and Université Paris 8. Her PhD project is part of the larger NWO-VICI project EnGendering Europe’s Muslim Question. The working title of her research is Politics of decline; gender, race and the death of France [...]

Lou Mousset2022-03-01T11:32:18+01:00

Guanqin He

Guanqin He, is a PhD candidate in Gender and Postcolonial Studies at the Graduate Gender Programme, Department of Media and Culture, Utrecht University. Guanqin has received funding from CSC (China Scholarship Council) to conduct her research for the project ‘ Digital Crossroads in China: Chinese Women Negotiating Migration, Urbanisation, and Digitisation’. [...]

Guanqin He2020-12-17T14:13:32+01:00

Lindsay Grace Weber

Lindsay Grace Weber is a PhD researcher at the Institute for Cultural Inquiry (ICON), Utrecht University. Her research interests include materialist feminism & feminist (new) materialism, queer & trans Marxisms, and posthumanist knowledge production in Europe & North America academia. Lindsay’s current project uses feminist standpoint theories and epistemologies to explore [...]

Lindsay Grace Weber2020-12-17T11:56:26+01:00
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