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Marjan van Dijk

Marjan van Dijk is an external PhD candidate at the Gender Studies programme, Utrecht University. She has worked in education for over 25 years both as a teacher and teacher educator. Her main interests lie in the field of Gender and Education. A particular focus point is how teachers are connected [...]

Marjan van Dijk2019-01-10T15:54:09+01:00

Lieke Hettinga

Lieke Hettinga, PhD candidate, Central European University & Utrecht University. Lieke’s research responds to the fast-paced changes in the cultural visibility of transgender issues across neoliberal Western-European and North-American contexts in the last two decades. It examines the ways in which artists and activists visualize, represent and/or enact non-normative embodiments, more specifically looking at the intersection of [...]

Lieke Hettinga2018-10-29T14:06:41+01:00

Tegiye Birey

Tegiye Birey, PhD Candidate, Central European University & Utrecht University. Tegiye's current research examines the gendered politics of migrants' and solidarity networks in Malmö, and her research interests are migration, postcolonial/decolonial feminisms and politics of resistance. Tegiye has a BA in Women’s Studies and Political Science with a minor in French [...]

Tegiye Birey2018-10-29T14:06:41+01:00

Wenxuan Peng

Wenxuan Peng just started the PhD research in Gender Studies/Media Studies/Modern China Studies at Leiden University under the supervision of Dr. Eliza Steinbock from Centre for the Arts in Society (LUCAS), Prof. Maghiel van Crevel and Dr. Florian Schneider from Institute for Area Studies (LIAS). The working title of the research [...]

Wenxuan Peng2018-10-29T14:06:41+01:00

Zeynep Anli

Zeynep Anli is an external PhD candidate at Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society (LUCAS). Her current research focuses on the intersection of utopian/dystopian literature of the 20th and 21st century written by female authors, postcolonial literature and European colonial enterprise. Working closely with gynocritical and literary studies perspectives, [...]

Zeynep Anli2018-10-29T14:06:42+01:00

Gerwin van Schie

Gerwin van Schie is a PhD candidate at Utrecht University with the NWO-funded project “Datafication of Race and Ethnicity in the Netherlands: Investigating Practices, Politics and Appropriation of Governmental Open Data”. His research focusses on the way Dutch immigrant populations are ‘datafied’ by various societal institutions. Dutch governmental classifications are based on [...]

Gerwin van Schie2018-10-29T14:06:42+01:00

Anita Ramcharan

Anita Ramcharan is a PhD candidate in Gender Studies at Utrecht University. In her research she investigates the role of women in folksongs in Surinam Indian culture. For centuries women have gathered together on special occasions to sing typical songs (These songs are never published). Anita investigates also how women are [...]

Anita Ramcharan2018-10-29T14:06:42+01:00

Dide van Eck

Radboud University Dide van Eck is a PhD candidate at Radboud Social and Cultural Research in the Gender and Diversity Group. She has studied public administration and organizational science at Utrecht University which she completed with the corresponding Research Master. Her master thesis was about dominant discourses around 'fat bodies' in which [...]

Dide van Eck2018-10-29T14:06:43+01:00

Laura Candidatu

Utrecht University Laura Candidatu is a PhD candidate within the project ‘Digital Crossings in Europe. Gender, Diaspora and Belonging (CONNECTINGEUROPE)’ As a part of the ERC project “Digital Crossings in Europe: Gender, Diaspora and Belonging,” Laura Candidatu has recently started her PhD research that explores the relation between women’s migration and digital [...]

Laura Candidatu2018-10-29T14:06:44+01:00

Claudia Minchilli

Utrecht University Claudia Minchilli is a PhD candidate within the project ‘Digital Crossings in Europe. Gender, Diaspora and Belonging (CONNECTINGEUROPE)’. She currently researches on the use that Romanian, Somali and Turkish  migrant women who live in Rome make of digital technologies, adopting a postcolonial and post socialist conceptual framework in her analysis [...]

Claudia Minchilli2018-10-29T14:06:44+01:00

Melis Mevsimler

Utrecht University Melis Mevsimler is a PhD-candidate within the project 'Digital Crossings in Europe. Gender, Diaspora and Belonging (CONNECTINGEUROPE)'. The project aims to investigate the relation between migration and digital technologies, in particular the way in which the ‘connected migrant’ contributes to new forms of European integration and cosmopolitan citizenship. The [...]

Melis Mevsimler2018-10-29T14:06:44+01:00

Widya Fitria Ningsih

VU University Amsterdam Widya Fitria Ningsih is a junior lecturer and researcher at Gadjah Mada University’s Department of History. She obtained both a BA in History (Universitas Gadjah Mada) and in the Cosmopolis Program, Colonial and Global History (Leiden University). She completed her MA in History at Gadjah Mada University. She also [...]

Widya Fitria Ningsih2020-11-13T17:06:38+01:00
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