Weronika Zielińska-Klein is a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Humanities Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture (AHM). Trained as an artist (BA, Willem de Kooning Academy, RUAS) and researcher (MAR, University of Amsterdam), she has been running Upominki, a project space in her family home in Rotterdam, formerly known as Guestroom, since 2012. She currently holds the position of Autonomous Practices Leader, an interdisciplinary programme at the Willem de Kooning Academy.

Project title: Matricentric Feminism, Critical Self-Organization, and Autonomy: Making Visible How Mother Artists Initiatives Create a World of Their Own through an Online Rhizomatic Mapping

This interdisciplinary art history and theory study explores the intersection of pedagogy, feminism, and artistic practice. Traditionally, motherhood has often been considered incompatible with art education and practice, with little recognition of mother-artist initiatives. Grounded in maternal theory and my own artistic-maternal approach, this research aims to revise the concept of artistic autonomy and investigate how maternal practices turn it from a hyper-individualistic into a communal concept and practice. The project includes a written thesis, case studies, interviews, and autoethnographic elements, complemented by a visual online map showcasing mother-artist initiatives across time and geographical contexts. Read More.