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Doing Gender Lecture by Kate Eichhorn

In the autumn of 2015 the Netherlands Research School of Gender Studies in cooperation with the Graduate Gender Programme (GGeP) at Utrecht University organises the fifteenth round of the DOING GENDER Lecture Series. These lectures stress the importance of doing gender work combined with an active involvement in the practice of [...]

Doing Gender Lecture by Kate Eichhorn2018-10-29T14:06:45+01:00

Milica Trakilović

Utrecht University and European University Institute A former graduate of the RMA Gender and Ethnicity, Milica Trakilović now teaches in the Graduate Gender Programme and holds the position of Research Assistant in the ERC project Bodies Across Borders: Oral and Visual Memory in Europe and Beyond (BABE) at the European University [...]

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Hong Wu

Utrecht University Hong Wu is a PhD candidate at Utrecht University. She has worked with Ford foundation and Narada foundation in the fields of sexuality education for Chinese migrant children. Having studied Chinese migrant children for three years, she is increasingly concerned about and interested in the migrant and citizen identity, [...]

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Shuaishuai Wang

University of Amsterdam. Shuaishuai Wang is a PhD candidate in Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA) at UvA. He obtained his Master’s degree in Journalism and Communication from Peking University in China with the honor of “Excellent Master Thesis of Peking University” for his thesis on the communication in the public [...]

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