kate-eichhorn-493-455In the autumn of 2015 the Netherlands Research School of Gender Studies in cooperation with the Graduate Gender Programme (GGeP) at Utrecht University organises the fifteenth round of the DOING GENDER Lecture Series. These lectures stress the importance of doing gender work combined with an active involvement in the practice of gender theory and research. The concept of DOING GENDER supports a hands-on approach to gender issues in the sense of social and political engagement with the new forms of gender inequalities that are taking shape in the world today. The lecture series wants to give space to the new generations of gender theorists and practitioners and to perspectives that innovate the field and do gender in new ways. Key is the notion of doing gender: what is the state of the art definition of gender? How do contemporary scholars and activists utilise this definition?

On Wednesday December 2, 2015 Associate Professor Kate Eichhorn will give a Doing Gender Lecture on ‘Women Under the Hood: Gender and Media Archaeology’.

Media archaeology is often described as an approach to media studies that goes “under the hood.” Although media archaeology, with its focus on hardware and formats, has often been viewed as a branch of media studies that leaves little room to account for questions of gender, in this talk, Kate Eichhorn argues that gender is part of media archaeology’s broader project. With specific reference to her research on the history of xerography, she demonstrates gender’s place in media archaeological investigations while making a case for media archaeology as a methodology that might help move discourses on gender and technology beyond the uses and counter-narratives approach that has long structured such discussions.

Kate Eichhorn is Associate Professor of Culture and Media Studies at The New School University (New York, USA). She is the author of several books, including Adjusted Margin: Xerography, Art and Activism in the Late Twentieth Century (MIT, 2016) and The Archival Turn in Feminism (Temple UP, 2013).

Lecture details:
Wednesday December 2, 2015: Associate Professor Kate Eichhorn (The New School, USA)

  • Lecture: Women Under the Hood: Gender and Media Archaeology
  • Time: 16.00-17.30 hrs
  • Location: Utrecht
  • Chair: Prof. Dr. Rosemarie Buikema

This lecture is jointly organised with Atria, Institute on Gender Equality and Women’s History.

The Doing Gender Lecture Series takes place in Utrecht and is free of charge. Registration is not compulsory, but highly appreciated: nog@uu.nl or 030 – 253 6001.

Please note:

On December 3 and 4, 2015 Atria organises a commemoration conference for the 80th anniversary of the IAV collection. The conference will focus on the social, cultural and political importance of women’s archives and institutions for the enhancement of gender equality in the 21st century. Distinguished speakers from Egypt, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Peru, South Africa, Sweden, UK, USA and the Netherlands will present current perspectives and findings on the role of women’s archives in the 20th and 21st century.
Locations: Beurs van Berlage and Atria (Amsterdam). The spoken language during the conference will be English. For students we offer a special discount. More information and registration: www.iav80conference.nl