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Course Creative Writing: Practice, Research and Reflection (Nov, Dec)

In this course (jointly organized with the Netherlands Research School for Literary Studies), participants reflect on academic writing as a genre and acquire a wider range of skills. They learn to use creative writing techniques as forms of artistic research and methodological inspiration. The morning sessions introduce recent research on creative writing [...]

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Course: Gender Studies Now (Nov, Dec, Jan)

This course invites faculty from the Netherlands Research School of Genderstudies (NOG) to present current research and have interactive workshops with the students. The 3 sessions will be day-long workshops that follow thematic streams such as e.g. ‘sexualities today’, ‘homonationalism’, ‘posthumanist interventions’, ‘transitional justice’, ‘the affective turn’, or ‘beyond the gender [...]

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Course: Theory in More Formats (Sept-Dec)

This course – taught by Dr. Alex Martinis Roe and Vasso Belia – takes as its starting point a practice which the Women’s Studies community at Utrecht University undertook over many years. This practice could be described as a ceremony or rite of passage, where the Women’s Studies community would dramatize the [...]

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