In this course (jointly organized with the Netherlands Research School for Literary Studies), participants reflect on academic writing as a genre and acquire a wider range of skills. They learn to use creative writing techniques as forms of artistic research and methodological inspiration. The morning sessions introduce recent research on creative writing as a historical and discursive phenomenon, various approaches to creativity and the practical experiences of authors and journalists who have crossed the borders between academic, literary and journalistic writing. In the afternoon seminars, students experiment with various literary and creative writing techniques.
Guest lectures by Prof. Gregg Lambert (Syracuse University, NY), Prof. Kiene Brillenburg Wurth (UU), Jannah Loontjens (author/philosopher), Nikki Dekker (author/journalist), Joeri Visser (UU) and Ninke Overbeek (HKU/UvA).

Organisation: Dr. Iris van der Tuin (UU/NOG) & Dr. Stephan Besser (UvA/OSL).
Instructor creative writing course: Dr. Simon Cook (UU)

  • Dates: 3 full days: November 9 & 25 and December 9, 2016
  • Location: NOG – Utrecht University
  • Credits: 5 ECTS (credits can only be awarded after an accepted written paper. Students not requiring any credits will receive a certificate of attendance)
  • Details: open to PhD candidates and Research Master students enrolled in LOGOS Research Schools. Members of OSL and NOG will have first access.
  • Registration: the course is fully booked!

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