Gender and Social Inclusion
Feminist and gender research has a long tradition of addressing the ways in which social inclusion and social exclusion is gendered. The field includes early women’s studies’ attention to women’s labor in public and private settings, the gender of reproductive and intimate labor, globalization and domestic labor migration, EU policies aimed at integration of women in the paid labor force and its discontents, activism aimed at private and public instituions as well as the commons. In this seminar, an historical approach to this wide field of scholarship  is combined with an introduction to the research methods of interviewing and oral history. For their final paper, students focus on an example of feminist or gender activist interventions. A ‘translation’ of relevance of findings to non-academic practices is an important component of this assignment (impact and valorization of research).
  • Dates: February – April 2020
  • Location: NOG – Utrecht University
  • Credits: 5 ECTS (credits can only be awarded after an accepted written paper. Students not requiring any credits will receive a certificate of attendance)