(Subaltern archive, post-secular, post-socialist citizenship, cosmopolitanism, migration, human rights, transitional justice)

This strand aims to account for local and global feminist perspectives from multiple disciplinary backgrounds and geopolitical locations. It focuses in particular on how postcolonial critique and intersectional analysis help to untangle issues related to migration, citizenship, human rights, and transitional/transnational justice. Questions of representation (identity, boundaries, and belonging) as well as socio-cultural and political formations (citizenship, equality, welfare) are investigated in order to understand how ‘doing gender’ takes place through both material and discursive practices that accounts for colonial legacies within global dynamics.

The research group has a strong expertise in the field of race and sexuality theories, black and postcolonial Europe, critical multiculturalism, intersectionality, feminist postcolonial theories, postsecularism, post-socialist studies, the history of the welfare state, world literatures, transnational media studies, global art among others. We do projects with civil society (NGOs, and women’s and anti-racist organizations) as well.