Utrecht University, 18-19 January 2024

Organized and sponsored by: The Netherlands Research School of Gender Studies (NOG), Masterlanguage, the Graduate Gender Programme (GGeP), the Department of Languages, Literature and Communication (TLC) – Italian, and the Institute for Cultural Inquiry (ICON)

Thursday 18 January

Location & time: Kromme Nieuwegracht 20, Grote Zaal, 16.30-18.00

Language: Italian/English (with simultaneous translation)

Book launch of Porpora Marcasciano’s AntoloGaia: Queering the Seventies, A Radical Trans Memoir (Rutgers University Press, 2023)

AntoloGaia offers an insider’s look at the beginnings of the gay liberation movement in Italy and reveals how it was intimately intertwined with other forms of left-wing activism. At the same time, it powerfully conveys the queer joy of a young person from a small village first encountering the vibrant sexual minority communities of Naples, Bologna, and Rome. As Marcasciano starts to embrace her trans identity, she meets the famous anthropologist Pino Simonelli, who introduces her to Naples’s unique femminielli subculture and gives her the name Porporino, which she later shortens to Porpora. In keeping with this story of gender, sexual, and political discovery, AntoloGaia is the first piece of Italian life-writing to use gender-neutral and mixed-gender language.

Porpora Mascasciano will be in dialogue with Gianmaria Colpani (Gender Studies, Utrecht University), Monica Jansen (Italian Language and Culture, Utrecht University), Marijke Huisman (Cultural History, Utrecht University), and Vreer Sirenu (TGEU and Principle 17, Amsterdam).

Friday 19 January

Location & time: Drift 25, room 1.03, 10.00-13.00

Language: Italian

NOG Masterclass ‘Queer and Trans Archives and Activisms’

In this masterclass, participants will have a chance to encounter Porpora Marcasciano’s archive, to explore the political and epistemological challenges involved in building and working with queer and trans archives, and to discuss their own feminist, queer, and trans research projects with Marcasciano herself.

The masterclass is open to all Italian speaking postgraduate students (MA, RMA, PhD) studying at a university in the Netherlands and working in Gender, Queer, and Transgender Studies, Media and Cultural Studies, History, Social Movements, and other related fields. RMA and PhD participants can earn a total of 1 credits (ECTS) by preparing the readings for the masterclass, preparing a short presentation on their own research project/interests for the masterclass, and attending the book launch of Marcasciano’s book AntoloGaia (18 January, 16.30-18.00).

To register, please contact Dr. Gianmaria Colpani via email (g.colpani@uu.nl), indicating your university/institutional affiliation and stating your motivation for participating in the masterclass (1 page max). Registration deadline: 20th December.

Friday 19 January

Location & time: Kromme Nieuwegracht 20, Grote Zaal, 16.00-17.30

Language: Italian/English (with subtitles and simultaneous translation)

Film screening Porpora (Directed by Roberto Cannavò, 60min, Italy, 2021)

The battles of ’77, the crazy Roman nights, political commitment. On a road trip, the leader of the Italian trans movement, Porpora Marcasciano, relives her political and human education with Vittorio, a witness from a new generation. The journey towards her Southern hometown is a discovery of the effects of the past on the present, between intimate stories and encounters with historical figures of the trans movement and the femminielli community of Naples.

Film in Italian with English subtitles and Q&A with Porpora Marcasciano and Domitilla (domi) Olivieri (Gender Studies, Utrecht University) in Italian/English with simultaneous translation.