From August 26-30, 2013 the NOISE Summer School will take place in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The title is Naturecultures in Feminist Academia, Art and Activism and it will be coordinated by Dr. Iris van der Tuin, Prof. Maaike Bleeker and Liu Xin.

This year’s (the 21st) edition of NOI♀SE will introduce cutting edge scholarship at the crossroads of gender studies, performance studies and philosophy of science. We will take the concept of ‘naturecultures’, established by Donna Haraway in the Companion Species Manifesto (2003), as our starting point. By investigating selected scholarly as well as cultural practices, we aim at using this conceptual tool so as to sharpen our understanding of the blurred boundaries between gendered oppositional pairs such as active and passive, body and mind.
 The consistency of the many manifestations of feminism – in past, present and future, and across different domains – is the fight against the naturalization of women and other Others. Ever since Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex, feminists have addressed the consequences of making women, animals, bodily matter mute. After all, a passive object is easily spoken for and essentialized. This Summer School builds on an innovative genealogy of feminist engagements with naturalization and it will present cases of its disruption from a trans-disciplinary and trans-generational perspective.
Radically thinking out of the box, Naturecultures in Feminist Academia, Art and Activism presents a series of case studies from science, ecofeminist activism and performance art. We will explore how all these cases present avenues for changing the gendered roles of critical-creative scholars, producers and consumers of cultural artifacts and sustainability-driven human beings.

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