On 19 May 2017 Gianmaria Colpani will defend his PhD thesis. In his dissertation, Gianmaria explores the transformations of the field of queer theory in times of neoliberalism, homonormativity, homonationalism, and sexual imperialism. He focuses especially on the formation of queer of color and queer diasporic critique and on the emergence of a “Marxist renaissance” within the field.
The transformations affecting both the field of contemporary sexual politics and the field of queer theory are read through the theory of hegemony and counter-hegemony developed by Stuart Hall in the 1970s and 1980s, in the context of Thatcherism and the early formation of cultural studies in Britain.
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Date: Friday May 19, 2017
Time: 12:45 (late entrance not possible)
Location: Senaatszaal, University Hall, Domplein 29, Utrecht
Title: ‘Queer Hegemonies. Politics and Ideology in Contemporary Queer Debates’
Supervisors: Prof. dr. Sandra Ponzanesi, Prof. dr. Rosemarie Buikema, Dr. Lorenzo Bernini