Sarah De Mul is Professor of Literature, Culture and Diversity at the Open University in the Netherlands. Her publications and research interests are situated in the field of comparative postcolonial and gender studies with a particular focus on literatures in Dutch and English. Her projects explore adaptations of postcolonial theory in the Low Countries, ethnic minority writing in Flanders and European (colonial) writing about Africa/the Congo.  Apart from her academic research, Sarah De Mul wrote Retour San Sebastian. Opgroeien met een vaderland in de verte, a memoir about the Basque city of Donostia-San Sebastian in which she tries to explore broader questions about the emotional force of narratives and the power of culture to divide and unite (De Bezige Bij, 2017). Partly informed by her own experience with burn-out, she recently started an investigation into the role of art, care and resilience in the age of stress and burn-out, particularly in relation to their gendered, racial and ecological dimensions.

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