On 10 January 2013 a seminar will be organised at Utrecht University about the interaction between life narratives and writing history. Papers will be presented on ways in which the critical analysis of memories and biographies inform – change, corroborate, disturb — historical narratives of national citizenship.

Organisers are Berteke Waaldijk (Graduate Gender Programme, Utrecht University), Izabella Agardi (Graduate Gender Programme, Utrecht University) and Andrea Pető (Central European University, Hungary): all former participants of CliohRes Work Group ‘Work, Gender, Society’ (part of an FP6 Network of Excellence). In this Work Group comparative, interdisciplinary historical research reached out for a new, transnational readership. Scholars wrote their accounts along thematic lines such as political rhetoric, identity, gender and citizenship: themes that allow for transgressing national frameworks. A critical analysis of cultural, collective and individual memory by thus far marginalised groups (women, workers, peasants in border regions), the acknowledgement of silences, and their unaccounted-for experiences and perspectives are important attributes of this novel history writing project. In this seminar scholars from the Work Group will look back at their work in Cliohres.

The seminar will be concluded with a (public) ‘Doing Gender’ lecture by Luisa Passerini.

Participation is free and open to experienced and beginning scholars, PhD students and research master students who want to present short papers or work in progress connected to this theme.

Deadline for registration: 9 December 2012