On June 8th, it will be two years since Frances Gouda passed away. Professor Emeritus Frances Gouda was an esteemed colleague and generous mentor to many in our Gender Studies and Postcolonial Studies communities in and far beyond the Netherlands.
To commemorate her work and life, the Amsterdam Research Centre for Gender Studies (ARC-GS) and the Netherlands Research School of Gender Studies (NOG) are organizing an online afternoon centered on the work and legacy of Prof. Em. Gouda on Monday June 7th, 2021 from 4 till 6 pm (CEST).
During this gathering, Elleke Boehmer, Jelke Boesten, Sarah Bracke, Rosemarie Buikema, Antoinette Burton, Sonja van Wichelen, Laura Frader, Sybille Lammes, Sonya Michel, Sarah de Mul, Sandra Ponzanesi, Saskia Wieringa, and Thijs Brocades Zaalberg among others, will share an academic or personal reflection on Frances Gouda’s work and life.

To attend the event, please send an email to the NOG (nog@uu.nl). If you would also like to contribute an academic or personal reflection to this commemoration, do let us know.