Charlie Loopuijt (he/they), a PhD candidate at Radboud University’s Department of Language and Communication, explores trans linguistics and queer health with the research titled, Linguistic Desire Paths: Exploring Strategies of Transgender and Non-Binary Identity Expression through Language Play and Negotiation. Exploring how transgender and non-binary folks forge new linguistic avenues to articulate their identities and navigate cis-centric linguistic systems, Charlie examines both the adverse effects of linguistic marginalization on well-being and the empowering role of language play.

This study acknowledges the growing visibility of these communities and is a coalitional response to their push towards trans-affirming language. Charlie aims to explore how language is strategically mobilized, and played with, to better serve transgender and non-binary people. Employing  trans-affirming and interdisciplinary approaches their research offers novel understandings of the relationship between language and identity articulation and makes theoretical contributions to minority stress theory. Read More