Logo EDGESIn the context of the EU LLP programme EDGES the conference ‘The politics of gendered difference, civil rights and the workplace’ takes place in Utrecht on Friday January 23, 2015.

EDGES is a Lifelong Learning Programme Project that involves eight academic and non-academic European institutions with a longstanding collaboration and expertise in Women’s and Gender Studies. EDGES aims to shape and develop a model for a European PhD in Women’s and Gender Studies. EDGES will trigger an interdisciplinary and intercultural approach to highlight crucial issues such as women’s migration, violence on and exploitation of women’s body, traumatic experiences in recent conflict areas, cultural and counter-memories, equal opportunities in education, careers and job market, discrimination in sexual orientation, civil rights and religious prejudices. EDGES will favour a vital change in the preparation of the next generation of academic, business, public and third sector European leaders.
The Graduate Gender Programme of Utrecht University is leader of the workpackage that designs and develops the international doctoral  curriculum on Women’s and Gender Studies. It makes use of Tuning Gender Studies Brochure as published by ATHENA/ATGENDER.
More information: http://www.edgesproject.eu/

In the morning (9.30 – 11.45 hrs) Professor Susan Stanford Friedman (University of Wisconsin-Madison) will give a Doing Gender Lecture on ‘Religion, Secularism, and Migration in the Post 9/11 World: Feminist Intersectionality’. Responses by Professor Rosemarie Buikema and Dr. Marta Zarzycka (both UU). Background reading is available at genderstudies@uu.nl
This lecture will be followed by a talk of Professor Sandra Fredman (University of Oxford) on ‘Pregnancy and Parenting: Bringing Men into the frame’.

In the afternoon (14.15 – 18.00 hrs) there will be short presentations of international Stakeholders and a Round Table that aims at the development of collaboration with non-academic institutions and international stakeholders with the objective of establishing a network which should consolidate previous collaborations and partnerships with public and private associations, organizations and foundations. The Round Table will be organized by means of short presentations and a set of preset questions. Those questions will concern the kind of academic and professional training in the Higher Education they would either encourage us to develop within the EDGES-consortium or to which they would be able to contribute.

During the conference all attendants will be invited to fill in a questionnaire about competencies for gender studies graduates. This questionnaire asks them to revisit the list prepared by the European Gender Studies network ATHENA & ATGENDER in 2010: See for a full report: http://www.atgender.eu/index.php/initiativesmenu/tuningbrochure

See here for the full (preliminary) programme.

Attendance of the day is free of charge, but registration is compulsory: genderstudies@uu.nl