NOG Research Day: ‘Living a Feminist Life in Neoliberal Academia’ ~ June 14, 2019

//NOG Research Day: ‘Living a Feminist Life in Neoliberal Academia’ ~ June 14, 2019

NOG Research Day: ‘Living a Feminist Life in Neoliberal Academia’ ~ June 14, 2019

The Netherlands Research School of Gender Studies (NOG) hosts the annual National Research Day, held this year at the Centre for Gender and Diversity at Maastricht University. The NOG Research Day is a dedicated platform for sharing the work of junior and senior researchers of Dutch universities in the fields of Gender, Race/Ethnicity, Sexuality and Diversity Studies.

This year the National Research Day is called ‘Living a Feminist Life in Neoliberal Academia’ and will take place on Friday June 14, 2019 at the Centre for Gender and Diversity, Maastricht University.

Call for papers (flyer):
The title of this year’s NOG Research Day takes its inspiration from Sara Ahmed’s monograph Living a Feminist Life. Ahmed reminds us that as feminists, we experience the devastating effects of racism, genderism, ableism, ageism, homo- and transphobia on a daily basis. In addition to these challenges, we are faced with the ongoing neoliberalization of academia, with its emphasis on the marketing of knowledge, and on surveillance and control. This market model of academia has been incorporated into the universities, for example through the emphasis on ‘earning power’, the bureaucratization of student-teacher relationships, and an increasingly internalized ‘audit culture’ that seeks to reduce everyone and everything to quantifiable data or measurable ‘output’. Therefore, the main question of the NOG Research Day is: “Is it still possible to lead a feminist life in neoliberal academia?”
Living a feminist life means being constantly aware of interlocking socio-political hierarchies, structural injustices, and many forms of exploitation. It is a life that tries to understand how these practices of domination work in order to question and then overcome them, whether they are structured around gender, race, religion, age, ability, or sexual orientation. At the same time, living a feminist life is a practice of freedom, a way of enabling and empowering ourselves and others, a collective effort to build feminist, queer, and decolonial worlds. How can we foster these modes of critical and creative thinking, making, and doing within an academic climate where the gap between our everyday work and a shared feminist commitment to progressive social change seems to be growing?

We invite contributions based on research, art, and activism, as well as presentations about university policies. Themes for papers may include, but are not limited to:

• Care, caring and affective relations within academia
• Transnational, intersectional and intergenerational coalition-building
• Decolonizing knowledge production
• Critical interventions within academic feminism
• Changing university policies
• Queer and feminist ‘slow scholarship’
• Precarity within the university (temporary contracts, casualization of early career teachers, etc.)
• Feminist perspectives on research applications
• Resistance to feminism / gender studies / transgender studies

The Doing Gender in the Netherlands Research Day is open for presentations by Faculty, Postdoctoral fellows and PhD candidates registered at Dutch universities. All are cordially invited to participate in this event and submit proposals for paper presentations.

There are several options to participate:
– As a presenter of a 15 min. paper
– As a session moderator
– As a participant without paper presentation

Through the presentation of work-in-progress from the current generation of gender scholars, the NOG research days seek to both monitor and critique national developments and contemporary discussions within the field. It is not required to be a member of NOG in order to participate, but we do encourage new members to join by emailing the NOG office. Membership includes a monthly newsletter and access to NOG events (including earning graduate training credit).

Deadline of abstracts:
Abstracts for papers (300 words maximum) can be sent to until Sunday April 14, 2019. Please mention the following details: your name, university and if applicable supervisor(s). By Wednesday May 1, 2019, we’ll let you know whether your abstract has been accepted.

Accepted papers are due Monday June 3, 2019 and should be submitted to The final paper should be no more than 2,500-3,500 words (excluding footnotes and references), and will be sent to the moderator and co-presenters of the session in advance.

Format of the day:
The day will start with a welcome speech by Lies Wesseling, Chair of the Netherlands Research School of Gender Studies and also Director of the Centre for Gender and Diversity at Maastricht University.
Professor Philomena Essed (Antioch University and affiliated researcher of the UU Graduate Gender Programme) will then open the thematic programme of the day. Afterwards, the second part of the morning as well as the afternoon will be dedicated to parallel sessions with paper presentations.

The thematic parallel sessions will run in 90-minute slots. Presenters should prepare a 15 minute presentation based on their full paper, and 5 minutes of feedback for fellow presenters, for instance linking to their research approach(es), method(s) and concept(s). Full papers will be distributed in advance among the panel participants and the moderator. Each session will have a moderator who will respond to the panel presentations and facilitate discussion.

The Research day will be concluded with a plenary roundtable discussion, followed by drinks and the opportunity to continue the conversation in the company of the NOG community.

The language of the day is English.

Please email if you wish to attend the National Research Day as a paper presenter (deadline April 14), participant or moderator (deadline June 3).
To organize this National Research Day we ask for a contribution of €15 from every attendee (presenter or participant) for tea, coffee, lunch and drinks, to be paid in cash at the registration desk on the day.

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