Social and Political Suffocations
August 27-31, 2018 – Utrecht University, the Netherlands

The 26th edition of the NOISE Summer School seeks to address experiences of social and political suffocations, as well as accompanying strategies of resistance, through a series of lectures by scholars and activists who are all also embodied practitioners in their critical practice(s). With these, the five-day program of NOISE 2018 will offer innovative interventions into the debate on political involvement as theory and embodied practice, as well as a discussion of strategies of organizing in the face of individual, institutional and structural enclosures.


  • How can we (the participants of NOISE) identify, analyze, and challenge contemporary operations of social power relations that constitute daily dynamics of living that are breathable for some while suffocating for others?
  • What forms of transformative interventions and politics can be developed across different feminist goals and (geopolitical and intersectional) positionings?
  • How can we envision politics that take into account not only recognized forms of protest (such as diverse types of public gatherings that require physical and affective presence and strength) but cherish also other forms of vulnerable engagements – that may be less visible due to, for example, difficulty to participate in public spaces – as political?
  • How can we account for the affective and embodied dimensions of our academic, activist, and artistic work and ‘stay with the trouble,’ to quote Haraway, to formulate breathable alternatives?

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