Date: Friday November 13, 2015, at 14.30 hrs

Location: Academiegebouw, University Utrecht (Domplein 29)

Title: ‘Lone mothers and welfare policies in Albania. Conditions, experiences, expectations. 1944-2013’

Supervisors: Prof. dr. Berteke Waaldijk and dr. Saemira Pino

Registration: no registration; free entrance

‘Lone mothers’ are a women category of all times. Their stereotipization and categorizations is constructed by media and political discourses (such as in UK and US), by policy and decision makers need`s discourses (such as in the Netherlands and Germany). But the real identities of lone mothers and their differences within a category stand far from what is being constructed in other political spaces rather than in their own homes. This research, therefore tries to construct the social category of ‘lone mothers’ in Albania, for purpose of welfare-policy-influencing. It is a feminist action research that endeavors to voice the needs of Albanian lone mothers through their own voice, through the voice of local governmental officers, women activists and religious practitioners, who provide services to them. By voicing their needs, lone mothers display their categorical differences.