University of York, York


Writes both in English and in French. Fictions: Le Spectre du gris (in English: Shades of Grey, Virago, 1981); L’Entremise, and short stories in various collections. Critical Essays: Baudelaire (Macmillan’s, 1983); Colette (Harvester Press, 1987) ; Un Homme nommé Zapolski, translated into English as The Streetcleaner: The Yorkshire Ripper Case on Trial (Marion Boyars, 1986-8); White Woman Speaks With Forked Tongue: Criticism as Autobiography (Routledge 1991); Female Genesis: Creativity, Self and Gender (Polity Press, 1998). Strong interest in Psychoanalysis. Is working at present on spirituality and self-development, and writing family memoirs as well as fiction. Contributes regular articles to journals of spiritual testimonies