In solidarity with the women and marginalized bodies in Iran, the NOG  likes to show its support to “Listen to the Voices of a Feminist Revolution in Iran”,  a petition set up by a group of feminist academic-activists . This petition calls for stronger transnational feminist solidarity with the ongoing protests in Iran. So far it has received more than 2500 signatories from scholars and philosophers around the world, including  Sara Ahmed, Judith Butler, Sara Farris, Jacques Ranciere, Ewa Majewska, Sandra Ponzanesi, Frieda Afary, Michael Hardt, Nadje- Al Ali, and NOG director Rosemarie Buikema.

The NOG supports the organizer’s believe that the increase of the visibility of these protests, the amplification of its voices, and transnational solidarity with the protesters are crucial to the success and safety of women* and other marginalized bodies involved, especially as the Islamic Republic of Iran has shut down the Internet,  and is arresting and killing the protesters.

See here for the full petition text and the list of signatories.

*The petition no longer accepts new signatures.

*Photographer unknown