Politics of In/Visibility
August 26-30, 2019 – Utrecht University, the Netherlands

This year’s NOISE summer School examines the politics of in/visibility: what do we see, what is left unseen, what do we no longer see, what do we choose not to see and what is left to be seen? We will question what is made visible and what is left invisible in a contemporary social and cultural environment, informed more than ever by the emergence of new strategies of visibility and technologies of visualization, as well as by political debates and repressive practices that dictate who is allowed to occupy certain spaces or be represented in the public arena. By approaching this matter in an interdisciplinary manner, at the intersection of gender studies, feminist theory, postcolonial theory and media and cultural studies, we seek to address how certain bodies, collectivities, identities or perspectives are marked, either because they remain invisible or become hyper visible. We will discuss how scholarly, activist and artistic practices of giving space, voice or visibility to underrepresented communities, histories, or subjectivities can challenge (or reproduce) contemporary dynamics of inclusions and exclusions.

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